Final Circuit is Phil Wildcroft - a web developer, programmer, analyst and computer engineer with over 20 years' experience.

I specialise in creating websites and web applications which make creative use of your valuable data and content. I can also assist you with server and application infractructure, databases, networking and general IT problem solving.



A tailored website based on a content management system or web framework.…

Web applications

A traditional business process using innovative web technologies, maybe on your phone…


Help with your cloud, hosted and on premise server and networking infrastructure…

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New processor + old OS = woes

The intersection of computer hardware and software can often introduce thorny compatibility problems. Sometimes they’re unforeseen. But sometimes they’re intentionally created by Microsoft. Intel have introduced a new range of processors based on the Kaby Lake architecture. They’re collectively referred […]

Digital sales, the EU and VAT(MOSS)

There was a small uproar amongst online businesses a couple of years ago when it became clear that new EU regulations meant that sales of digital products (MP3s, ebooks and the like) to EU consumers would have to include VAT […]

Virtualbox – VT-x/AMD-v acceleration not available

I updated Virtualbox on an Intel-based tablet and tried to boot a copy of an Ubuntu virtual machine. I got the message: VT-x/AMD-v hardware acceleration is not available on your system. Your 64-bit guest will fail to detect a 64-bit […]

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