Final Circuit provides bespoke data driven business solutions for desktop and mobile clients. Many businesses rely on the collection and collation of information gathered at customer sites but have never been able to invest in bespoke mobile technology due to the high cost of hardware and custom software.

But with phones and tablets running industry standard HTML5 now being commonplace, it’s possible to streamline your business process and improve the quality of data available to your remote and office-based staff without having to make a huge investment.

Final Circuit can help you with the whole process, from analyzing your needs through development of the application to the implementation of the final product. The solutions leverage standard Microsoft server components (or Azure cloud hosting) and make use of Microsoft’s Lightswitch rapid application development framework.

The company is run by Phil Wildcroft, a programmer, analyst and engineer with over 20 years’ experience. During that period I’ve worked on Unix, Microsoft server products, databases, websites, networking and a whole host of other applications and technologies. I currently work on a freelance basis, focusing on mobile development projects using Microsoft Lightswitch. But I’d love to talk to you about any IT opportunities. See the Services page for more details.